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Catherine Catherine $26.00 Buy Now
Chantal    90mm Chantal 90mm $25.00 Buy Now
Cheerleader Cheerleader $20.00 Buy Now
Cold Love Cold Love $28.00 Buy Now
Dancer Dancer $20.00 Buy Now
Desiree'    90mm Desiree' 90mm $25.00 Buy Now
DFD06  Suzanna DFD06 Suzanna $22.00 Buy Now
DFD07  Pinup Girl Anna Kraut DFD07 Pinup Girl Anna Kraut $22.00 Buy Now
DVA20  Eve kneeling on pillow DVA20 Eve kneeling on pillow $18.00 Buy Now
Halloween Halloween $20.00 Buy Now
Hey Cowboy ! Hey Cowboy ! $24.00 Buy Now
HMC224 Marlene Dietrich HMC224 Marlene Dietrich $18.00 Buy Now
HMC225 Marilyn (Classic Subway Pose) HMC225 Marilyn (Classic Subway Pose) $18.00 Buy Now
HMC700 The Player HMC700 The Player $18.00 Buy Now
HMC701 Die Anprobe (trying on) HMC701 Die Anprobe (trying on) $20.00 Buy Now
HMC702 Miss America HMC702 Miss America $18.00 Buy Now
HMC703 Parking Meter HMC703 Parking Meter $18.00 Buy Now
HMC704 Mieder Girl (Corset) HMC704 Mieder Girl (Corset) $18.00 Buy Now
HMC705 Am Schminktisch (at the cosmetic table) HMC705 Am Schminktisch (at the cosmetic table) $20.00 Buy Now
HMC706 The New Hat HMC706 The New Hat $18.00 Buy Now

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1 x BU02 Lady Pirate
1 x Cap't. Kidd Pirate Set Complete
1 x BM 1 Die Rose (Rose)
2 x FR10 Freidrich der Grosse bei Kunersdorf
1 x AVA-14 Long John Silver
1 x BM 2 Die Aster (Daisy)
1 x BB 15 The Creation of Adam
2 x FR03 Musketier bei Hochkirch - Goes with Fr1,2,4 to form vignett
1 x BB8 The Self Complacent - Vain
1 x 1068 Palm Trees
1 x BB2+3 Saul's Downfall - Der Saulussturz, vom Saulus zum Paulus
1 x Marauder
1 x BB 13 The Crucifixion
1 x 1063 Pirate Swashbuckler with cutlass over shoulder
1 x BB 12 Maria,the suffering Mother, and Johannes
1 x Midshipman
1 x FR06 Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz
1 x Cap't Kidd Pirate Group
1 x BB5 The Foot Washing
1 x FR 100 Austrian Hussar Trumpeter
1 x 1067 Pirate standing guard w/blunderbuss
1 x BM 6 Die Winde
1 x Buccaneer
2 x FR09 Cuiraissier Reg't No.10
1 x BM 7 Die Tulpe (Tulip)
1 x 1065 Pirate standing with Musket and Cutlass
1 x 1062 Pirate
1 x Captain Ahab
2 x FR14 Officer Infantry Reg't #4
1 x BM 8 Der Fushia (Fuschia)
2 x FR 104 English Musketeer 12th Reg't standing
1 x BM 5 Die Geranie (Geranium)
1 x 1066 Pirate armed to the teeth w/ shovel
1 x FR 107 Graf Luckner, Chef der Luckner Hussars
1 x BB6 The Poor Rich
1 x BB7 Maria Magdalena
1 x FR 102 Dragoon Grenadier Reg't Batthaiany
1 x FR25 Prussian Grenadier Freikorp Schony
1 x FR13 Officer Infantry Reg't #10
1 x FR23 Prussian Dragoon Officer 1st Reg't
1 x FR02 Musketier bei Hochkirch - goes with FR1,3,4 to form vignett
1 x FR24 Jager zu Pferd
1 x FR26 Grenadier zu Pferd Freicorps Kleist
1 x FR16 Officer of Pioneers
1 x FR04 Kanonier bei Hochkirch - goes with FR1,2,3 to form vignette
1 x FR21 Prussian Hussar Officer 3rd Reg't
1 x FR19 Flugeladjudant der Kavalerie (Aide de Camp)
1 x FR08 Officer Cuiraissier Reg't #13 in Galaweste
1 x FR07 Trumpeter Cuirassier Reg't No.2
1 x FR 103 English Musketeer 12th Reg't Drinking from canteen
1 x FR22 Prussian Officer 2nd Reg't Hussars Parade dress
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